Have you recently been scouted by one of our agents or Ursula herself? Please read on as we are excited at the possibility of working with you but want to clarify what exactly we at UWM do.

We are a full service modeling and talent agency based in Atlanta GA . We represent models and actors. We book models and actors on jobs throughout the southeast and manage and develop modeling careers for young women and men. We are not a modeling school or affiliated with any such. We feel the best way to learn modeling is by doing it.

When you make money we make money. We are paid on commission of your earnings. That said we have a strong directive of getting you developed and working at a pace that fits with your schedule, schooling and activities. Good management makes money when you make money. More is explained on this partnership when we are working together.

Please know we at UWM value education and understand the importance of school and developing personally. Many of our models attend top universities while having a successful modeling career. We do not believe in starting a fashion model too young. On the rare occasion we sign a model under the age of 16 please know we take care with the model and the process will be at a pace the model and her parents feel comfortable with. we understand school and sports/activities take priority.

We are extremely selective and by signing someone we are investing our time, patience and energy in that model. When a model sign with UWM you have the entire team supporting and backing the model every step of the way.